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what a shitty person

…Now that I think of it I’m astonished Aranea never tried to unsolicited. She “does” physical problems, she “does” emotional problems, she thinks she can do anything — why wouldn’t she heroically Fix Mituna?

Possibilities (some of which could overlap):
—She tried, and it made it worse.
—She tried, and it actually did help but not all the way.
—She can’t heal ghosts, and hadn’t explored her powers that far before they all died.
—She bounced off something Kurloz did.

Aranea is awful, but I don’t think she’d ever refuse help if someone asked for it. It’s quite likely they’d end up regretting ever asking her, but she wouldn’t refuse.

It seeeeems to me that the ghosts have a weird sort of stasis thing going on—they can grow a little more entrenched and complex in their existing behavior patterns, but WHO they are seems pretty…locked-in? They’ve spent SO long hanging around with each other, and yet no one has changed. So I would wonder if Mituna’s Self-as-entering-Death would be too powerful a pattern to override, without destroying him? As in, ghosts can’t heal or grow like living people. They’re too rigid; any forces you apply just increase strain on them, instead of altering them to any purpose.

So, yeah, I’d go with “she can’t heal ghosts, because ghosts cannot be healed,” but that’s just what’s most comfortable for my brain. That they’re save-states, with a bit of working memory to interact with the world with but read-only personalities and mental architectures.

So, like, Latula could (and does) bring Mituna into his most salubrious possible mental configuration, bring out the best in him, but couldn’t CHANGE him or his damage in a meaningful way, like long-term therapy on a livingly fucked-up Mituna might.

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